In The Beginning
The art project "In the Beginning" uses a close-up film shot from a screensaver on a MacBook Pro 13", taken with an iPhone 13 ProMax. The resulting image is abstract with movements of light and spots. The film was then processed with the program Pic Stitch, resulting in an image of 48 identical, mirrored, rotated and multiplied films.
The originally abstract film, which was almost without references or associations, now has a unique character in which anyone can find their own images, references or associations. The project has created "something out of nothing," as the saying goes, and allows the viewer to bring their own interpretation to the image.
The film has been converted into individual images, or "stills," each of which is a work of art in its own right. The stills are placed in a linear order in a square, with a black hole in the center where a QR code can be placed to view the original film. Together, the stills still show something of the dynamics of the original film.
This project is part of D-OpArt, where the D stands for Digital.
The picture shows more then 1000 stills from Movie 4798.​​​​​​​
#protozwolle #moreforless #digitalart #autonomous​​​​​​​
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